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  Fire and Nothing cover  

Fire and Nothing

A Bilingual Edition, Including Three Essays on the Art of Poetry

Branko Miljković, one of the greatest Serbian lyric poets of the mid-twentieth century, remains an enigma fifty years after his death. He was born in 1934 near Niš in southern Serbia. His genius, recognized at an early age, matured to write poetry that restored magic and mystery to the world. He cast a spell with the simplest words, created the great drama of being, fire, and nothingness, and invested his verse with unfathomable majesty.

Branko Miljković,
translated by Milo Yelesiyevich
First Edition (October 28, 2010), 168 pages
Original publication date: 1960
ISBN: 978-0967889351
Price: $17.95

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  My Life, Vasa Mihailovich cover  

My Life

Vasa Mihailovich's teaching career at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, spanned almost forty years.  His memoirs describe his youth in Serbia, World War II, his arrival in America, and his distinguished academic career.  Few people have contributed as much to Serbian studies in the U.S. as he has.

Vasa Mihailovich
88 Pages
ISBN: 978-0-9678893-8-2
Price: $9.95

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  Mansarda cover  


Mansarda concerns a young man known only as "Orpheus" who lives in a garret where he creates various fictional worlds. He loses the woman he really loves, then he gets a woman he really doesn't want, all the while disputing the meaning of the world with his room-mate, Billy Wise Ass. Orpheus experiences an epiphany one night when he reads the register of names in the vestibule of his apartment building. His neighbors' lives are far richer and more real than anything he can invent.

Danilo Kiš, translated by John K. Cox
Original publication date: 1962, 112 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9678893-7-5
Price $19.95

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  Bad Blood cover  

Bad Blood

Classic Serbian psychological novel about a legendary beauty who agrees to an arranged marriage with a semi-retarded twelve-year old-boy from a wealthy family in order to save her own family from bankruptcy.

Borisav Stanković
Original publication date: 1911, 246 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9678893-4-4
Price $19.95

  Knife cover  


Best selling novel about a Serbian WWII war orphan who was raised as a Muslim, who later goes in search of his true origins.

Vuk Drašković
434 pages
ISBN: 0-9678893-0-8
Price $24.95

  Songs of the Sun, and of Love and Death  

Songs of the Sun, and of Love and Death

The poems selected for this bilingual edition, which commemorates the sixtieth anniversary of Dučić's death, represent his finest work.

Jovan Dučić
138 pages
ISBN: 0-9678893-2-4
Price $14.95

  Stone Lullaby cover  

Stone Lullaby, Selected Poems

A bilingual Serbian and English Edition.

Stevan Raičković
128 pages
Price $14.95

  The Deceased cover  

The Deceased: A Comedy with a Prelude and Three Acts

Serbia's greatest comic play, a screwball comedy about a man who was supposed dead, who then returns to reclaim his wife, house and property, only to find that his family has united against him.

Branislav Nušić, translated by Milo Yelesiyevich
158 pages
ISBN: 0-9678893-3-2
Price $17.95

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